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Stop scam!You can help us!
Stop scam

                                                                          ANTI-SCAM PROGRAM

 Our purpose is to make the service safe and efficient for you. Anti-scam program protects our clients from various scammers. PLEASE REMEMBER: 

                                        DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO STRANGERS YOU HAVE NEVER MET!

If some user has sent you:
(1) a request for money for the Internet, correspondence, translations, visa, tickets, sick relatives etc.( Russian Women SCAM) or

(2) a suspicious offer from some African person, who can ask the victim to cash a check, to open or fund an Ebay account, to help to transfer the funds from back accounts, etc (variation of Nigerian scam)

Please ignore this message and contact us immediately, we'll delete this user and display photo and information about scammer in our Scammer List and Scammer Gallery

We have methods in which we monitor the ladies and remove any lady we feel is not honest or sincere. But any method can’t give full guarantee of everyone pure intentions and there are can be few who seek to exploit online dating.

  We’ll appreciate your help in recognizing scammers. Submit a report if you, yourself have been scammed or someone has attempted to scam you.

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