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Stop scam!You can help us!
Stop scam


Dear Gentlemen!
We do not consider it to be a scam if you met a woman in person, gave her presents and money in person, and then a lady refused to continue relations with you afterwards. It is a natural course of events when people meet and actually don't like each other.      


1. Only submit scam reports here if YOU, yourself have been scammed or someone has attempted to scam you personally. We’ll not accept reports contained a story you have heard from another person.

2. Please copy and paste emails you have received (in chronological order) with request of money or other kind of financial assistance. Put at least one photo of a scammer. If this individual has already been listed in the scammers’ database and you only want to provide additional information, no photo is obligatory, add comments to the corresponding part.

3. This function is also for reporting Potential scammer: If you have received the identical message from different members or you have seen the same photo on multiple different profiles, please inform us about this members. 

4. If you want to report more than 1 scammer, please send information as separate messages.

5. We accept reports only from our registered users. For report is required your contact details: your name, your location (country or state) your email address. You can add your ID number in the report. Your contact info from our database can be used by site administration to contact you for the additional details of the report submitted. Whatever information you report about yourself will be kept confidential and not be published or be given to the third part under any circumstances.

6. We don't take the responsibility for materials published. The author of the report only is responsible for the authenticity of the information submitted. We do not edit either reports or justification reasons with the purpose of saving original texts.

7. The person who is reported will also be provided with the copy of the report and he/she has opportunity to express his/her opinion or send proves of justification. In case these reasons are considered valid, report can be removed from the database of the web.

8. If you’ve  read attentively all mentioned above and ready to Place report about scammer to fill up the Report Form below.

             Thank you for your input!  You information helps to protect others!