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Dating Tips for More Confidence

To date successfully as a man or woman, you need to increase your confidence level. Some things are easy to change, while other idiosyncrasies will take some practice. One thing is certain: Nothing can be achieved without trying. If you never leave the house because you don't feel so great about yourself, then unless you use an Internet dating service, no one is going to come to you. Follow these tips give your confidence a boost, whether you're a single man or single woman:

  • Establish whether you're truly ready to meet someone new. If so, then proceed. If not, take your time.
  • Make a list addressing all the things you are not comfortable with about yourself. Be brutally honest.
  • Establish which things you think people may not like about you and make a list. Get a second opinion, too.
  • Address the way you look and the way you dress.
  • Change the things you think you can do better
  • By changing the most basic aspects of your looks, lifestyle and regime, you will instantly feel more confident. You will have a new you.
  • Ensure you are comfortable with any changes you make.
  • Make sure you are in shape or attempting to be. If you are dieting or exercising, remember to be patient as these changes will take a little while.
  • Your confidence will grow as you feel better about yourself and others will sense it.
  • Start to change the routines that drag you down. If you associate with people who criticize you, lose them fast.
  • Start doing the things you wish you had always had the courage to do, like a hobby, sport or society. Don't look back.
  • Learn to enjoy the smaller things in life and give yourself time specifically for these things. If you like to cook for friends, then start having dinner parties. Don't wait for others to invite you out.
  • Stop accepting second best. Start making yourself the first priority.
  • By looking and feeling good about yourself and widening your horizons, your life will begin to change for the better and your confidence levels will go up.
  • Be selective about what kind of person you really like. And by the same token, talk to everyone. The more people who are interested, the higher your confidence levels.
  • Start dating. If someone asks you out, accept.
  • Set yourself some life goals as well as romantic goals. Other people love to be associated with driven and goal-orientated people. Confidence breeds confidence.
  • Be proactive and ask someone out. Just do it, and accept freely that some people will say no. Many will also say yes.
  • Learn to like and love yourself for who you are and what you want from your life. Do not allow negative family comments to influence you in any way.
  • Make conversation with the nice people you meet along the way.
  • Become sociable and look good at every opportunity. Be your own best advert.
  • Remember that your confidence levels will become sky high by people saying yes to you. This will happen when you select the right kind of dates, so keep a realistic approach to dating.
  • Walk away from anything you don't like and instill a positive mental attitude in everything you do.
  • Stick with it and just keep going. Don't go back to what there was before. That's over.

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