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Secrets of Blissful Relationships

Hundreds of thousands of couples with children are still enjoying the same love and passion as when they first started dating. According to Oprah relationship expert and best selling author Michael Webb, a blissful relationship isn’t a fairy tale. All it takes is a little effort and know-how.

Following are some of Michael’s ideas for putting the ‘newlywed’ feeling back into your relationship:

  • Hold hands in public (don’t wait for your spouse to take the initiative).
  • Wrap your arms around each other, casually kiss or gently stroke each other’s hair from time to time.
  • Frequently use terms of endearment like “my bride” or “my handsome husband”.
  • Stay close together at social occasions. Work the room together and converse as a couple.
  • Refrain from insults. Be tactful and constructive with any criticism.
  • Comment to others about how beautiful (or handsome), kind, smart, caring, etc. your mate is.
  • Never let a day pass without laughing and smiling.

To learn more about how to create your own blissful relationship grab a copy of 50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships and 50 More Secrets of Blissful Relationships.

Following are some of mine and Crystal’s personal tips on creating a great relationship with your significant other.

  • Offer to do something for him just because you know he dislikes doing it.
  • Pick up his dry cleaning because you know he has had a busy day at the office and stopping at the dry cleaners is way out of his way.
  • If he holds tension in his neck, take the time to regularly massage his shoulders.
  • Touch base by phone once a day. Knowing your spouse is thinking of you while at work can go along way to keeping the embers burning when you’re apart.

Showing your love and affection for your spouse also sets a wonderful example for your children. It makes children feel secure knowing that mommy and daddy really care about each other.

By Sherrie Le Masurier


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